is a showcase porfolio of an artist striving in the fields of art and web design/development.

Any introduction I've ever written before has been cheesy, so I'm not going to write one..or maybe I just did...

I am a lot of things, I've done a lot of things, and I'm always trying to find a new creative way to showcase it all. My newest endeavor is selling my crafts, which will probably lead back to selling my art; my drawings and sketches.

I'm an artist. I'm a programmer. I'm a geek. I'm a thinker. I'm a reader and a writer.
I'm a creator of stuff.

I am currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, working fulltime as a software developer, and creating freelance websites and art in my spare time.


I pride myself in my artwork and take care to make every pen stroke perfect. Drawing has been a passion since I was a small child. I start with a blank piece of paper and stare at it until I envision the design mapping its way through the page. Each precarious drawing can take up to ten hours to complete.

Next Steps:

Besides changing my portfolio (again, some more, another time), my next steps are to start building customizable software with shopping carts and changeable template layers for businesses. Plug and play software is the way to go. I know it's already out there, but I didn't build it, so there's much to be improved on.

Crafting hasn't brought in much of a profit and as much as a therapy it is to me, so is programming and designing for myself. I'll just let other people buy what I want to make.

I think learning a new language is in the near future as well.


"It brings me peace to see my dog sniff money, walk away, pick up a stick, and find it more valuable."

"I'm now the proud owner of an air bottling machine. Come get your air in a bottle! Only $19.99+tx! Get 'em while supplies lasts!"

"I want to move back in time, to a time when honor, loyalty, and morals still existed and lying, cheating, and stealing was merely left to the theives. When did we lose the requirement for people to earn their keep and be respectful?"

"I need to update the water. Oh...wait.. I mean refill."

"Ya know why dogs are so wonderful? It's because they do not have the ability to be afraid of love...they can only fear the lack of it."

Ongoing personal works that will never be finished...

Tye Dyed Monkey

Vast collection of small games, tedious tasks, and monotonous activities. Users will be able to create a profile with an abundant range of possibilities to customize an avatar. Avatars can interact with friends and participate in daily activities and fun mini games; all the while building their status, their closet, and their bank. Building with PHP and MySql.
Pro Hair Styler

Keeping with the 'Styler' tradition, I am putting my 7 working years as a cosmetologist to good use. will be the go to site for hair tips, tricks, and advice. Users will be able to ask questions and view galleries for ideas for their own hair. Building with PHP and MySql.
Clicky Stuff

A personal collaboration between two college peers, is being assembled as a vast collection of web development tools, tips, tricks, and tutorials. ClickyStuff is growing as an extensive resource center that will surpass its competition via design, ease of use, quality content, and a twist of humor. Building with PHP and MySql.